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Facial and Body Care Products Born From The Southwest Desert!

Fifteen plus years ago, I had a very simple recipe for what I thought would be a lotion. The joke was on me. The mixture would set into something that should have been in jars, not squeezable cream bottles! My inexperience did not allow me to see that the consistency when pouring the warm combined ingredients was not thin enough to cool into a more liquid state for lotion.

It took time for me to get the texture of my creams where I wanted them, years! Then, I realized that I needed something more than a product that just moisturized. One can go to the kitchen and apply extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil to the skin for that, and get other wonderful healing benefits as well!

What else could my cream do for the skin, in addition to moisturizing? I needed to know how to expand my market of users. I wanted regular customers, not just the spontaneous sales to satisfy a one-time purchaser.

That curiosity led me to research and compare available natural carrier oils to include in my formulations. I wanted to know how and where the plants that produced the nuts and seeds were grown. What methods were used for extraction of the oils from the nuts and seeds? I knew I needed to understand my ingredients better, and my focus changed from just making a cream to sell, to actually making a better product.

This light bulb moment led to the development of my Skin Magic Plus line of creams, and also helped me with formulating my Fabulous Foot Cream. Just look at the ingredients and you’ll understand how healthy these two products are for your body.

My vision of what I would like to see as the results of using my products, became a reality.

Welcome to my BeautyCommunity Store, where you will find my Ye Ole Kitchen Witch Body Care Products to give your face and body something to smile about.

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