Nurturessence Natural Skincare

Valerie Nielsen is the founder and formulator of Nurturessence natural skincare.

With a long time interest in a natural approach to health and living in a way that respects the earth, it became an inevitable progression towards making her own skincare line.

Originally from New Zealand, Valerie started out as an artist and showed her paintings in various galleries in New Zealand and New Mexico, up until 2010. A trip to the US in the late 90’s became a life changing event, when a visit to Taos became permanent.

A love of nature deepened and flourished, working with subtle energies of flower essences and growing a garden in the capricious environment of the high mountain desert, so different from New Zealand. As she began experimenting with making her own skincare, interest from others grew and she was encouraged to develop the experiments into a fully fledged natural skincare line.

Incorporating many of her passions, Nurturessence is truly a labour of love. Growing the herbs and flowers in her own garden, there is an atmosphere of co-creating with nature. Using flower essences in her skin care and room sprays, Nielsen holds the intention to help people find true nurturance, not just on an external level but also of heart and soul.

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