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BeautyCommunity.com was founded by a nurse who is concerned about the chemical-laden ingredients in mainstream beauty products.  I see their consequences!  There are only 11 ingredients that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t allow in beauty and grooming products!

BeautyCommunity.com is home to Brands.  Behind the brands are passionate people who make up the beauty and grooming entrepreneur community.  It started in the Southwest, where some of our ingredients are grown. Including lavender, wild-crafted prickly pears, cold-pressed golden jojoba oil, aloe vera, fresh citrus and honey from the owners’ own bee hives! Think of it as Farm to Face!  You care what you eat, so shouldn’t you care what you are putting on your skin, which is your largest organ?  Our unique products are made right here in the USA and have less preservatives and far less chemicals and  are very affordable since we sell directly to you.

Our companies do not test on any animals – with our ingredients we don’t need too!   We check the safety of the products in our lab before we sell to you.  Products coming from China have a lot of chemicals and preservatives.   Who knows what the factory looks like!  We will show you our factories!

BeautyCommunity.com is home for Fans of clean, affordable beauty and grooming products.  Lucky for you, we gathered them just for you.

Alice Barczak

Fan of BeautyCommunity.com?

We have a great community of Brands made with organic ingredients!  But we don’t have You!  Join BeautyCommunity for fabulous talk, great information, local American companies, beauty tips and people who are passionate about beauty that is healthy!

Help your favorite brands to be even better!  If you are passionate about farm to face products, we want your input!  Help our brands discover what they are missing by giving us your input and maybe even coming up with a product designed by you!

If you are passionate about your beauty and grooming products, we want Your photos, opinions, input, videos…. well you get the idea! We would love for You to be part of our community!

And for growing the beauty community, you will be rewarded with products, experiences, information and connections!  And you will also get to participate at BeautyCommunity.com Experiences around the country.

Brand of BeautyCommunity.com?

Our proprietary community software lets you tap directly into your community!  The people in your beauty community are your best influencers!  Make reaching your audience a top priority as you grow your business.  Reach your fans with products, surveys, and videos on the site.  Meet your fans at BeautyCommunity.com Experiences around the country.

BeautyCommunity.com is all about building a community with your most passionate customers.  And these passionate customers are your brand’s advocates! Join our community to strengthen Your Brand and extend Your Reach in the marketplace!  A great business strategy to grow your business is to be part of that community!


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