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Honey Cleanser & Mask

$25.00 $15.00

Raw Honey Cleanser is just honey, it is ultra hydrating to give your complexion a boost.









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Royal Jelly: Facts & Benefits

Royal Jelly: Facts & Benefits

In the world of bee products, there is bee pollen, bee propolis, and of course honey. However, there is also an antibacterial and antitumor product called royal jelly. It sounds like something made for royalty, and that’s because it kind of is. Let me explain … You...

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Coconut Oil Skin Uses

Coconut Oil Skin Uses

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge coconut oil fan, for it’s the do-everything oil with next-to-zero downside. Coconut oil is loaded with good fats that provide us with energy, able to fight microbes in the body and excellent for cooking. It even smells amazing! But did...

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